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About Us

Sindbad Travel Agency, established in 1957 during a time when Jerusalem was an undiscovered gem, embarked on its journey when tourism in the region was still in its developmental stages. Despite the challenges, the owners and directors of Sindbad possessed a vision, a calling, and a sense of ministry. We perceive Sindbad not merely as a travel agency but as an institution that offers spirituality and blessings, irrespective of one's religious views and beliefs.

Dome of Rock

The Abdalla family is committed to upholding Sindbad's mission and expanding its horizons.

Our objective is to utilize the region's history and its local people—the Living Stones of the Holy Land—to encapsulate the various facets of this sacred place. Sindbad operates as a family-run business, and the Abdalla family is dedicated to not only preserving Sindbad's mission but also broadening its scope. We continuously explore innovative approaches to tourism, shedding new light on this holy land. Our unconventional exploration delves into the richness intrinsic to the Middle East, extending beyond the boundaries of the three monotheistic religions.

Tel Aviv 1

We specialize in tailoring trips for colleges, universities, and academic institutes.

Our services include arranging home-stays, course programs, classes, and internships. We cater to students' individual needs and travel requirements. Additionally, for other students and academics, we can organize workshops featuring guest speakers, meetings with politicians and public figures for lectures and discussions. Sindbad also hosts groups of archaeology and history students, providing them with the unique opportunity to dig and study independently in ancient, undiscovered sites.

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