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About Us

     Sindbad Travel Agency was established in 1957 when Jerusalem was an undiscovered jewel. Tourism in the region was still in development, yet the owners and directors of Sindbad had a vision, a calling and a ministry. We believe that Sindbad is more than just a travel agency. It is an establishment that offers spirituality, love and blessings regardless of one's religious views and beliefs.

Dome of Rock

The Abdalla family is devoted to carrying Sindbad's mission and widen its scope.

Our purpose is to use the history of the region and its local people - the Living Stones of the Holy Land - to embody the various aspects of the Holy Land. Sindbad is a family-run business: the Abdalla family is devoted to carrying Sindbad's mission and widen its scope. We have been exploring new approaches to tourism, which cast this holy land in an innovative light. This examines the Holy Land unconventionally and asserts that the Middle East goes beyond the three monotheistic religions. We also want to delve into the vastness and richness intrinsic to this region and its people.

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We can tailor-make trips for colleges and universities

We can tailor-make trips for colleges, universities and any academic institutes. We arrange home-stays, course programs, classes and internships. We assist students with their individual needs and travels. For other students and academics, we can arrange workshops that include guest speakers, meetings with politicians and public figures for lectures and discussions. We host groups of archaeology and history students who have the opportunity to dig and study on their own in ancient undiscovered sites. 

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